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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Which countries is Battle Divas available in?

Battle Divas is launched in all countries, except Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

What language is supported?

Battle Divas will only support the English language.

All news, notices, social media postings, and customer support will only be managed using English.


I have encountered a gameplay bug / translation issue. How do I contact the team?

Please contact our Customer Service team via the in-game settings.

Can I play Battle Divas on PC emulators such as BlueStacks?

Yes, Battle Divas can be played via PC emulators. However, Yatta! Play will not provide support if any issues are encountered as Battle Divas is built for mobile devices.

Are there punishments for cheating or harassing?

Yes, we will definitely punish players who try to manipulate the game or harass other players in the game or in our official social media channels. Punishments will be determined via a case-by-case basis by the Yatta! Play team.

Will there be multiple servers in Battle Divas?

Our current aim is to have a unified global server rather than opening new servers every few weeks. The team will regularly have new players recruitment events and help them reach the rest of the players at a faster pace.

What makes Battle Divas unique?

We would not say Battle Divas is a unqiue or one-of-a-kind mobile tactical game, but it does have several features making it stand out. A few examples include:

1. No character gacha
All heroes / characters in Battle Divas are obtained through gameplay. No gacha, no shards, with a real focus on slecting the right team for different scenarios.

2. Real tactical gameplay Rather than a team of heroes standing still and automatically casting skills, players can move them around the battlefield to trigger their unique abilities.

3. Deep equipment system Other than normal equipment, there are hero-exclusive items and sets which activates unique abilities.


Help! I did not receive my items after topping-up!

Please contact our Customer Service team via the in-game settings to receive further assistance.
For all billing and payment issues, please prepare the receipt you have received in your email. This receipt is sent once a payment is approved by either Google Play or the App Store. We might require a screenshot of the receipt as well.

What payment channels are available?

Battle Divas will only support official payment channels via Google Play (Android) and the App Store (Apple). The team will look into adding more payment channels in the future.

Customer Service

I have encountered an issue. How do I contact customer support?

Our customer support team can be contacted via the in-game settings.

How can I provide feedback to the team?

Please contact our Customer Service team via the in-game settings to leave us a feedback.


Can anyone stream and make content for Battle Divas?

Yes! Please feel free to stream or create any media (images, videos) based on Battle Divas with no restrictions! If you want the team to share your video or images on the official Facebook page, please reach out to us via the in-game settings!

Account Issues

What login options are there for Battle Divas?

We will have both Facebook and Google login options ready. We will consider adding more options in the future.

Help! I have lost my account details!

As Yatta! Play does not collect login details, players must notify either Facebook or Google to recover their accounts.