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24 Nov Maintenance Notice

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Good day to everyone! We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, November 24th 2020, from 2:00pm to 6:00pm (GMT+8). Please note that the game will be down during this period.

Maintenance Compensation

- 2 Energy Supplies and 100 Diamonds will be sent to your in-game mailbox after the maintenance ends.

Event Updates

Event 1 – Scarlet Cross Supply Chest

1. Event Period: Nov 24th 2020 – Dec 7th 2020

2. Increased chances to obtain Yoori’s weapons and gear, including the gear set [Moonlight Legend] and [Prophecy] from the Scarlet Cross Supply Chest.

3. [Moonlight Legend] Set Effect: Changes Yoori's ultimate skill to Lunar Knight Yoori Transformation. Lunar Knight Yoori's basic attack becomes Lunar Whisper that deals elemental damage. Her ultimate skill becomes Lunar Scream that deals elemental damage to enemies within a larger area (cooldown: 2 turns).

4. [Ghroth] Weapon Skill: Upon entering battle, Yoori gains Prophecy, each stack can be used to block an attack and mark enemies with Eternal Sunshine. Yoori can't deal Basic Attacks when Prophecy is active. Yoori deals additional damage based on the number of stacks of Eternal Sunshine.

5. [Prophecy] Set Effect: Unused Prophecy will be converted to Eternal Sunshine. After using the ultimate skill, Yoori will gain additional Prophecy. When the Prophecy status ends, Yoori will gain additional buffs.

Event 2 – Premium Monthly Packs

1. The prices of the Diamond Monthly Pack and Energy Monthly Pack have been slashed!

2. You can still receive the items from your existing Monthly Packs.

3. You can also stack the old and new Monthly Packs together.

Event 3 – Black Friday Packs

1. Event Period: Nov 24th 2020 – Dec 1st 2020

2. Get the new Black Friday Packs from the Best Seller Store!

- Are you looking for Infinite War Challenge Tomes?

- Or perhaps Shion, Fran, Celeste, or Helen Supply Chests?

- Or maybe Chips and Cores to strengthen your weapons further?

- How about new swimsuit costumes for Ling, Yoori, or Kagura?

- Don’t forget to visit the Best Seller Store before the deal ends!

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