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26 Jan Maintenance Notice

Good day to everyone! We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, January 26th 2021, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm (GMT+8). Please note that the game will be down during this period.

Maintenance Compensation

- 2 Energy Supplies and 100 Diamonds will be sent to your in-game mailbox after the maintenance ends.

Event Updates

Event 1 – Expedition

1. Event Period: Jan 26th 2021 – Mar 3rd 2021

2. Complete Expedition Quests to obtain XP and rewards.

3. There are 2 types of Expedition:

- Normal Expedition: Increase your Expedition Lv to obtain rewards.

- Hero Expedition: Purchase Hero Expedition to obtain rewards.

4. The following rewards are obtainable from Expedition: Magical Seal Supply Chest, Adjust Chip, Secret Weapon Component, Cersei’s exclusive Biochip [Warlock] and more.

5. [Warlock] Biochip Circuit Effect: HP + 10%, Ultimate Effect + 15%. Upon entering battle, Cersei steals a random enemy's ultimate cooldown from each row and transfers it to a random ally on the same row (Cersei transfers the cooldown to herself if there are no allies). Triggers again on the 6th turn. The amount of ultimate cooldown that can be stolen by Cersei is based on her position. From her center to the outside, the amount is, 1, 2, 1, 2, in succession. (The row Cersei is on is 1, the adjacent is 2, and so on.)

Event 2 – Magical Seal Supply Chest

1. Event Period: Jan 26th 2021 – Feb 8th 2021

2. Increased chances to obtain Cersei’s weapons and gear, including the limited edition weapon [End of Days] and the gear set [Reversed Termination] from the Magical Seal Supply Chest.

3. [Reversed Termination] Set Effect: Deals massive damage to enemies and increases their ultimate cooldown by 2 turns. This skill deals more damage as the target has less HP.

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