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8 Dec Maintenance Notice

Good day to everyone! We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, December 8th 2020, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm (GMT+8). Please note that the game will be down during this period.

Maintenance Compensation

- 2 Energy Supplies and 100 Diamonds will be sent to your in-game mailbox after the maintenance ends.

Event Updates

Event 1 – Expedition

1. Event Period: Dec 8th 2020 – Jan 21st 2021

2. Complete Expedition Quests to obtain XP and rewards.

3. There are 2 types of Expedition:

- Normal Expedition: Increase your Expedition Lv to obtain rewards.

- Hero Expedition: Purchase Hero Expedition to obtain rewards.

4. The following rewards are obtainable from Expedition: Swordsmanship Supply Chest, Adjust Chip, Secret Weapon Component, Ling’s exclusive Biochip [Star] and more.

5. [Star] Biochip Circuit Effect: Upon entering battle, gains 3 stacks of Star Guard. Each stack increases Attack Resist by 20%. When the 2nd turn starts, loses a stack of Star Guard whenever the hero is attacked, and restores HP to the ally with the lowest HP.

Event 2 – 3X Infinite War!

1. Event Period: Dec 8th 2020 – Dec 14th 2020

2. Get 3 times more rewards from Infinite War.

Event 3 – Bloodlust Rose Supply Chest

1. Event Period: Dec 8th 2020 – Dec 21st 2020

2. Increased chances to obtain Celeste’s weapons and gear, including the gear set [Stygian Envoy] and [Devil]from the Bloodlust Rose Supply Chest.

3. [Stygian Envoy] Set Effect: When taking lethal damage, Celeste enters the Coffin of Eversleep, restoring HP and Disarming nearby enemies. Celeste can use the ultimate skill "Awaken from Coffin" to leave the coffin.

4. [Devil] Set Effect: Gains 3 of Holy and Demon sacrifices each. When there are 10 stacks of sacrifice marks, the marks can be used to activate descent mode, granting Holy Retribution and Demon Breakthrough to Basic Attacks. No limit to the number of times they can be triggered. At the start of the turn, ally sacrifice will dispel Celeste's stun status and enemy sacrifice will dispel Celeste's frost status.

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