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Closed Beta is now live!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Good day to everyone, and welcome to the limited Closed Beta test for Battle Divas: Slay Mecha!

Here are the estimated starting and closing times:

Start date and time: 12 May, Tuesday, 10:00 AM (GMT +8)

End date and time: 18 May, Monday, 10:00 AM (GMT +8)

Here are some details for Closed Beta:

1. There is data wipe after Closed Beta ends. All content will have a reset.

2. Players who recharge Diamonds will receive 50% bonus Diamonds during official launch. Bonus Diamonds do not count. For example, if you bought a 120 Diamond package (with 60 bonus Diamonds) during Closed Beta, you will receive 180 Diamonds (with 60 bonus Diamonds) when the game launches.

3. We expect some bugs to be present in the Closed Beta build. If you see any, please report them via the in-game report feature.

Thank you for helping us improve and prepare Battle Divas for its global launch!

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