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Developer Notes - Summer Love

Dear Battle Divas Players,

We have received feedback from some players that the new event, Summer Love, is too difficult. We are aware that our server is relatively new so we have lowered the difficulty of the event compared to the original version.

We noticed that some players seemed to be stuck at stage 1-7 of the event. Please note that stage 2-1 is accessible once stage 1-6 has been cleared. Stages 1-7 and 2-7 are specifically designed to provide players with an extra challenge and all the challenge badge rewards are obtainable without clearing these stages.

Regarding our newer players who are unable to clear the later stages, certain lower stages can be more efficient to farm the event currency, Summer Treasure, based on your play style and team lineup. When you break the parts of the bosses, you have a chance of getting additional Summer Treasures too.

We will be releasing a new format for our next event. We hope you will find it Infinitely more fun! Please look forward to it!

As a bonus for players to enjoy the Summer Parade event, we have given out 2,850 Diamonds and 68 Costume Tickets to everyone!

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