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[Event] Dance Rapture Supply Chest

1. Event Period: July 7th 2020 to July 20th 2020 (23:59 GMT+8)

2. Increased chances to obtain Julia Ferros’ weapons and gear, including the limited edition weapon Sharp Edge and Death Waltz, and the gear set Etiquette of Death, from the Dance Rapture Supply Chest.

3. Etiquette of Death Set Effect: Upon entering battle, gains a bonus to skill effect. Whenever this hero defeats an enemy before her ultimate skill expires, she deals additional AoE damage.

Known issues

1. When player try to switch account, the app will hang on loading screen. Player will need to restart the app to continue. Once restarted, player will be logged out correctly to continue.

New adjustments to the game

1. Added new Expedition feature. Obtain Chips from Expedition to upgrade your weapons further. This new feature will be released in the near future.

2. Added the option to save your defense lineup in Arena.

3. Fixed the issue of Arena group assignment with no other players.

4. Added new Forbidden Biochips. Obtain materials from Infinite War to develop them.

5. The following Weekly Dungeons will be changed every Thursday from now on:

- [Hunt! The Berserking Duel Wolves!]

- [Freeze! The Frozen Deep!]

- [Annihilate! The Silent Emperor!]

- [Crisis! The Lethal Treasure!]

- [Crystallization! Desert Investigation!]

- [Nightmare! The Devastating Dragon!]

- [Mysterious Operation Plan]

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