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[Event] The White Empress has arrived!

Dear #BattleDivas community,

The server maintenance has ended, and the White Empress has officially arrived!

Discuss about our very first event in the official Facebook group:

Or you can join the unofficial Discord channel:

Compensation and more are also heading your way, so check your in-game mailbox over the next 2 days.

Happy gaming!

Maintenance Compensation

- 2 Energy Supplies and 100 Diamonds will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 3 business days after the maintenance ends.

- Only players who created their accounts before May 26th 2020, 2pm (GMT+8) will receive the compensation.

Event Updates

Event 1 – Special Dungeon

1. Event Period: May 26th 2020 – June 15th 2020

2. The special event dungeon will be open – “Crime and Punishment! The Hall of Order”!

3. The Order Biochip Chest will be up for sale.

4. The Order Biochip is obtainable from the Event Stages, Event Exchange Store, and the Order Biochip Chest during the event period. Use the Order Biochip to activate a circuit to gain additional 15% Max HP bonus!

5. The Event Exchange store will be open from May 26th 2020 – June 22nd 2020.

Event 2 – Supply Chest

1. Event Period: May 26th 2020 – June 8th 2020

2. The Bloodlust Rose Supply Chest will be up for sale.

3. Increased chances to obtain Celeste le Croix’s weapons and gears, including the limited edition weapon (Restless Soul) and set (Stygian Envoy), from the Bloodlust Rose Supply Chest.

4. Stygian Envoy Set Effect: When taking lethal damage, Celeste enters the Coffin of Eversleep, restoring HP and Disarming nearby enemies. Celeste can use the ultimate skill "Awaken from Coffin" to leave the coffin.

Event 3 – Login Event

1. Event Period: May 26th 2020 – June 1st 2020

2. Login every day to receive 1 Energy Supply.

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