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Sep Developer Notes

Greeting Divas,

We would like to thank all the players who participated in the survey, we got some great responses and it has really helped us further understand our players.

Special thanks to the following players who gave us some particularly good responses: - 102378 - 102846 - 108402 - 108439 - 113548 - 123976 - 129686

These players will be receiving extra 300 Diamonds for their efforts.

Some of you may have noticed more new players joining the Facebook group as of late. We are aware that Battle Divas: Slay Mecha has a rather steep learning curve, and we will be working to push more guides or game tips for our players.

It is also really heartwarming to see that our veteran players have been taking the time and effort to help guide new players. It really helps to create a fun and enjoyable gaming community that we hope to maintain.

We hope you are enjoying Battle Divas and will continue to support us. To show our appreciation, we are giving out 3 Energy Supplies, 10,000 Gold and 3 Infinite War Challenge Tomes.

Discuss all tips and suggestions you have in our Facebook group:

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