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Summer Parade Update

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

The Summer Parade update is live now! We've sent in an extra 200 Diamonds to all players as compensation for the extended maintenance.

Event Updates

Event 1 – Summer Love

1. Event Period: July 14th 2020 – August 3rd 2020

2. The special event dungeon arrives – “Summer Love”!

3. Obtain Summer Treasure from the event stages to exchange for Elder God's Gaze Supply Chest, Rare Biochips, Secret Weapon Component, Angela’s Dynamic Costume (Summer Love), Summer Gears, and other rewards from the Summer Store!

4. New Summer Gears, including 4 Legendary Accessories and 2 Legendary Clothes, are obtainable from the event stages and Summer Store!

Event 2 – Elder God's Gaze Supply Chest

1. Event Period: July 14th 2020 – July 27th 2020

2. Increased chances to obtain Ashanti’s weapons and gear, including the limited edition weapon Dark Mecha and gear set Great Old Ones from the Elder God's Gaze Supply Chest.

3. Great Old Ones Set Effect: Ashanti transforms into a demon god. Her basic attacks deal elemental damage and Root the target. Also, she gains the ultimate skill: Vicious Tentacles that strike enemies with swarms of tentacles.

Event 3 – Summer Dynamic Costumes

1. New dynamic costumes up for grabs! Equip them and see the changes in your home screen!

2. Obtain Summer Love – Angela from the Summer Store.

3. Obtain Summer Love – Kagura and Summer Love – Yoori from the Best Seller Store.

Event 4 – Expedition

1. Event Period: July 14th 2020 – August 27th 2020

2. Complete Expedition Quests to obtain XP and rewards.

3. There are 2 types of Expedition:

- Normal Expedition: Increase your Expedition Lv to obtain rewards.

- Hero Expedition: Purchase Hero Expedition to obtain rewards.

4. The following rewards are obtainable from Expedition: Summer Love – Ashanti (Normal Costume), Summer Love – Ling (Dynamic Costume), Battle Supply Chest (L), Adjust Chip, Secret Weapon Component, Biochip and more.


1. An additional weekly dungeon “Hunt! The Berserking Duel Wolves!” will be open for a week.

2. Balanced Kagura's ultimate skill, Takamanohara Prayer, to increase nearby allies basic attack resist by 8% (stacks up to 3 times).

3. Balanced Fuma’s weapon, Thunder, to gain the Wind Forest Fire or Mount mark every turn.

4. Balanced Fuma’s set effect, Ultra - Ninjutsu Grandmaster: Fuma's ultimate skill grants him 2 random marks. When the mirror images summoned by his ultimate skill [Furinkazan] are defeated, Fuma gets the corresponding mark. Wind mark: Basic attacks deal additional (500 + 150% of Fuma's Attack) True Damage. This damage bonus is determined by Fuma's weapon level. Forest mark: Becomes Invisible before getting attacked. Fire mark: Attacks deal additional (100 + 100% of Fuma's Attack) damage each turn for 3 turns (initially 1 stack, stacks up to 5 times. This damage bonus is determined by Fuma's weapon level). Mount mark: Summons a mirror image before getting attacked and teleports to a random location.

5. Balanced Fran’s set effect, Heaven's Blessing, to “If Fran is unable to knock back an enemy fully because of an obstacle on the battlefield, she will deal damage equivalent to 35% of the attack.” (previously dealing damage equivalent to the last powerful Attack released)

6. Fixed a bug where Fran’s weapon damage cannot be dodged.

7. Balanced Vel Kyrie’s passive skill, Tactical Operation, to greatly increases all ally heroes' movement range (this effect ends when a basic attack or ultimate skill is used).

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